Laboratory for Viral Resistance Research Institute of Virology, Cologne University Clinic

The Laboratory of Viral Resistance Research is dedicated to diagnostic and therapy of viral infections. The lab performs testing for viral variants identified in patient samples and engages in analysis of the resulting data, notably for the purpose of identifying viral drug resistance.

As such the work in the lab is characterized by translational research, bridging virological and clinical aspects. Regarding data analysis, the lab is developing and applying bioinformatics software which it employs in diagnostic routine as well as in research. For the last twenty years the lab has cooperated in developing and using methods that are at the forefront of medical data analysis.

  • Laboratory

    Our laboratory is located at Fürst-Pückler-Straße in Cologne, about ten minutes apart from the main medical campus of the University of Cologne. The laboratory performs resistance testing for HIV, HBV, HCV and CMV diagnostics as analysis of viral subtypes for the purpose of elucidating epidemiology.

  • Bioinformatic Research

    We are developing bioinformatical models for predicting viral resistance based on viral genotype and additional clinical parameters and offering them freely via the internet for clinical research and patient treatment.

  • Virologic Research

    We collect virological samples for a broad variety of pathogens and determine virological and genomic parameters. We are a German and European partner in assembling large databases regarding viral resistance and investigating clinically relevant questions on the basis of such data.